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Wireless internet connection doesn't work after win10 update

Yellow)! need your help, megaminds

Laptop : Medion akoya E7214

the thing:

after (regular) automatic updating of windows10 WIFI controller stopped working. The hotkey Fn+F7, that has to enable WIFI connection, doesn’t respond at all, others hotkeys work properly. And internet by wire is also functioning.

attempts to fix:

i thought that the problem might by with drivers; so i got the new driver **Realtek RTL8192DE Wireless LAN 802.11N PCI-E NIC MAC0 ** version: 2019, tried to install it manually in Device Manager - Network adapters - Realtek ….. - Properties - Update Driver - picked a folder with downloaded - then system said my this :” Windows has determined that the best driver for this device is already installed. There may be better drivers on Windows update or on the device manufacturer’s website” end of quote.

Current driver version is 2021.2.327.2013 very doubtful that this is the best.

Installing drivers by specialized programs didn’t help ether ( DriverPack, DriverHub)

What can be a solution (except buying a more modern laptop)?



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Are you sure that you got the correct driver?


yes sir, sure for 99%


@whitehole Follow mike's advice(Win+R>devmgmt.msc, find wireless card, right-click>Properties>Driver>uninstall driver>Reboot computer, log in).


@andrewsawesome did that, nothing happened, no changes..


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Hi @whitehole

What is the status of the WLAN adapter in Device Manager > Network Adapters > right click WLAN adapter entry > Properties > General > Device Status?

Does it say that "This device is working properly"?

If so, try resetting the Network Stack from an Administrator Command Prompt window. Scroll down to the section:Resetting the network stack, in the link

Update (09/18/2021)

Hi @whitehole ,

Try using the laptop as close as possible to your WiFi router i.e. <25cm and check if you can detect your network.

If you can then you have an antenna problem. Perhaps it is loose from the WLAN card.

I couldn’t find a teardown video for your model but found one for a Akoya E6424 which may help.

Here’s an image from the video showing the WLAN card (I think) and the black and white antenna cables going to it.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

You can also try installing this free WiFi sniffer program to see the signal strength values of networks around you.

Note: the signal strength values shown by the program are in -ve dBm values so the higher the -ve number the lower the actual strength of the signal. Also with dBm every 3dB is equivalent to halve or double the signal strength e.g. -70dBm is 0.5x the signal strength of -67dBm but is 2x the signal strength of -73dBm. Here’s a link that gives the range of values for WiFi signals and how it affects the connection.

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jayeff, i did the steps like in link that you gave, unfort. no changes



So just verifying:

1. Device manager says that the device is working OK

2. WiFi networks are being detected by the WLAN adapter.

If the above are Yes then is the WifI not connecting to your router or is connecting to the router but not getting Internet?



1. is, yes, Device status : This device is working properly.

2. no, Wifi ain't detected by WLAN. Adapter does not detecting any available wifi (i got like 5 or 6 around)

(wifi is working, i know it couse i use laptop of my friend which is connected by WIfi.) in the same time i use my laptop which is connected to the wifi router by cable, and just in case : i did unpluged the cable and tried to connected to wifi - didn't work out.


if you see no other SSIDs, your WiFi is verified working, you have run the troubleshooter to get things reset, and you have reinstalled your driver - the only thing left is hardware.


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Just uninstall in Device Manger and reboot. Drivers get corrupted from time to time and an uninstall is necessary. Video drivers being the worst.

You could also try going to the MEDION web site:

Let us know how it goes.

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mike, i have followed your instruction and nothin (noticeable) happened, driver is still on the list and.

the name of driver is : Realtek RTL8192SE Wireless LAN 802.11N PCI-E NIC.



Have you reset the BIOS to default settings and then checked if the Wi-Fi is turned on?


@aactech , no, i have not, don't know how to do this right, but i'll try, if jayeff's answer wont help.


@aactech did the reset to defaults, no changes. The system don't event show me available networks (as before)


Hi V.M. @whitehole

Maybe time to replace Wi-Fi card.


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You can try checking the system files with a few utilities- perhaps something was borked during the update.

From an administrative CMD prompt run:

  • sfc /scannow
  • when completed run: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth (see for a good description of the options) then reboot if any repairs were made\noted.
  • when completed, next run sfc /scannow again

Another option may be to find the original drivers (like on the disk that comes with the machine) and try those as others have mentioned. You could even restore from a backup prior to the update install and see if the wifi works or not. There is a chance the wifi card itself is dead and the timing is just coincidence.

Finally, here’s a link from others having a similar description of symptoms:

I hope something here helps! Best of luck.

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@jayeff ive placed the router directly close to laptop, no changes appear. i think that problem more possible laying in software, because connection by Wifi doesn’t even want to turn on to find any possible wifi networks.

the system just doesn’t want to turn it on, after clicking ,in settings or in networks panel, on wifi connection, the “turn on” position holds for few seconds and then just switching back to “turned off” (as on the images below)

Block Image

Block Image

on the second image its turned on but as soon as i refresh the page it changes back..

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Hi @whitehole

Some more options:

1. Run an sfc command to make sure that the system files are OK

2. Start Windows in safe mode and do a Startup repair. See Section 1. as it shows how to get to the Recovery Menus i.e. Troubleshoot > Advanced > Startup Repair and then follow the prompts.

DO NOT select "Reset this PC" because if you choose the wrong option after this all your data will be erased and Windows will be reinstalled.


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