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The Shark IONFlex 2X (model IF251) is a lightweight, cordless vacuum. It includes the handheld vacuum, motorized floor nozzle, wand, and two rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

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How to remove the dust cup of it?

How can I remove the dust cup on the vacuum cleaner for a thorough clean?

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I’ve removed all the screws that I can see that attach the dust bin as well as released the clip on the side close to where your fingers rest while holding the vacuum, but there’s still something holding it on from the top/main assembly. I assume there are other clips securing this in place, but I don’t want to pry too hard and damage our vacuum as I’m mainly attempting to remove this for aesthetic cleanliness purposes.

For now, I’m just going to use some all-purpose cleaner and isopropyl alcohol on some sort of pad and try to wipe it clean. I’d definitely prefer to just remove it and let it soak in some water, but I can’t risk damaging our vacuum to figure out the clip locations.

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If this is Shark IF252 you can remove dust cup by removing 2 screws on top of cup and 2 small Phillips head screws down in bottom of cup and releasing small tab under battery and carefully lifting from top and pulling away from motor unit.

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