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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 8th generation iPad. Released September 18, 2020. Model numbers: A2270, A2428, A2429, and A2430.

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Touch screen not working after replacement

I recently replaced my friends screen after her autistic son shattered it. The first replacement, the touch screen wouldn’t work. I figured possibly faulty screen. I ordered a second screen and the same thing happens. The wording on the screen jumps around and it won’t recognize touch. There are times the number on the passcode get hit but I didn’t touch the screen. I have checked the connections multiple times and everything seems connected correctly. Could something else be damaged that I can’t see? Thanks for your help!

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As a repair shop I have seen multiple consecutive defective screens on these models from time to time. Where are you ordering them from? And make sure the cables are firmly connected in place.

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I ordered off of Amazon. The first screen I replaced worked great, but the son ripped it off after one day:( The two after that don’t work.


@lindsey3065 try ordering one from Mobile Sentrix. Get the X07 and you should be fine. But now that you mention your son ripped off the second one I'm wondering if he damaged something on the board. What do you mean by he ripped it off?


It’s not my son, it’s my friends son. He ripped off the screen I originally replaced that did work. I’m not sure how he did it, his mom said he walked up to her with it in his hand. Seeing the first replacement worked, and the next two screens didn’t, I assumed he did something to the board. Just not sure to know if he did?


@lindsey3065 if you can, post some pictures of the connectors both on the screen and the board


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