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The Samsung B1445A is a front-loading high efficiency washing machine by Samsung.

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Pourquoi j'ai de l'eau qui coule du bac de savon-adoucissant

Lorsque la machine charge l’eau, l’eau déborde par le bac de savon-adoucissant
Au début du cycle, et avant le rinçage

Google translate:

Why do I have water flowing from the softener soap tub.

When the machine loads the water, the water overflows through the soap-softener tank At the start of the cycle, and before rinsing

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Hi @beloha ,

Does this happen on both hot and cold water cycles?

Does the machine display an OE error code?

It appears as though the washer is not sensing the water level correctly when filling.

The water should stop filling at 2/3rd the level of the door and drain automatically if there is a problem with the water supply valve circuit.

Here’s the service manual for the washer that may help.

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