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20-inch, 23-inch, and 30-inch aluminum LCD displays introduced by Apple in June 2004. Models A1081, A1082, and A1083 respectively.

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How to fix a green vertical line


Hi everyone,

I have an old 30" Apple Cinema Display that I love, and last week a green vertical line appeared. I've seen vertical lines before, mostly white or multicolour, but they always disappear after a few hours. It's the first time that it stays like this for more than a few days. This specific green line appeared a few months ago but disappeared after a few hours. This time it won’t come off.

It's one pixel wide, and is stuck from top to bottom on the green pixel (the line appears black on a blue ( rgb 0,0,255) or red ( rgb 255,0,0) background, but isn't visible on a green background ( rgb 0,255,0)

I tried massaging the line (as suggested for the “stuck” pixel problem) but it doesn't work.

I know that it looks like bad news, but I am looking for any kind of tips or ideas to try and fix it before I decide to buy another monitor. Anything can be helpful at this point as I can't find any repair shop that could help me.

Thanks !

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I don’t think you can fix it this happens with phones and you just have to replace the phone screen so I think it’s unfixable

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