Water dispenser broken after filter change Frigidaire


I changed the water filter in my 2 door Frigidaire refrigerator (Puresource 3 filter) according to the box and videos, however, after the change and going to run the dispenser into a bucket the water dispenser began to have issues. At first, the dispenser was working normally for a few seconds, then it sputtered, and then the water begins to just be leaking out of the dispenser and also the lights in the dispenser area. I tried changing the filter again to the old one/putting the new one back in - when I removed the filter the first time water came out onto the shelf. At this point when I tried running the dispenser again it’s still coming out but in the weird leaking fashion and now it won’t shut off unless I open the freezer door. Water also seems to be leaking out from the black panel that houses the dispenser area (not sure if it’s actually leaking or just water running underneath and it rolling down the fridge face).

I’m at a loss of what to do and have not seen any similar situations yet. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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