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1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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The iMac turns off every 2 seconds

I have imac 2006 17 inch was in it processor intel core 2 duo T5600 I replaced it with intel core 2 duo T6300 and imac turns on for 2 seconds and immediately turns off on the board there are 3 diodes first lights up and when I turn on imac the second one lights up but imac turns off and she goes out please help i don't know what to do with it

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Here's the specs for your system 17" iMac 1.83 GHz T5600 Core 2 Duo


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I’m suspecting the CPU you’ve chosen it just not compatible! Apple never offered the T6300 in this series (or any iMac that I know of).

This models graphics is held within the Intel North Bridge chip - Intergraded graphics engine (IG). Sadly, you can’t use any other CPU.

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