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The Moto G8 was released in March 2020 and is identified by model number XT2045-1.

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Moto g8 Schematics - Main Board Nead EDL Test point location?

I would like to know where or located the EDL test points for Moto g8 (fast) maybe it’s indicated on Main Board Schematics ?

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@ghisracing what are you referring to by EDL? I do not see anything even close to that in the schematics. What are the issues with your phone?


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Near the bottom side of the mainboard, close to the port for the fingerprint sensor, you will find a test point labeled "BOOT" and right next to it, under a flat cable for the screen, you will see the other test point, labeled "1P8". Short them out while connecting the phone to the PC and you will end up in EDL mode.

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