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Model number: 20R1000RUS, Released in June 2019

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Something fell near my trackpad and it's lodged in place.

My phone fell about a quarter inch away from my trackpad and the bottom part came out a little bit. Nothing got into it & I pushed it back in, but it won’t move. I hit around it until it became barely usable.

Update (07/25/2021)

It's not making the clicking noise either.

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@notahippo sure sounds like the trackpad is somehow internally disconnect from its PCB and it is failing. At this point you are most certainly looking at a replacement. Whenever you have to “I hit around it until it became barely usable “ you know it needs to be replaced. You can download the maintenance manual for your computer from here. Of course you can also use this guide Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th Gen Track Pad Replacement which will show you how to change the trackpad.

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