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TI-84 Plus calculator support.

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Unable to access F1-F5 menus despite all other alpha functions working

While I was trying to solve a logarithmic question, I tried to find the logBase( operation via pressing [ALPHA] > [WINDOW], however doing that only leads me to the Window screen and not the F2 screen as I had hoped.

I tried the same thing with the other function menus, and the result was the same thing for each and every button on the top row. All other alpha functions work, I can still type in the alphabet along with the other special characters available when you press the alpha button, I just can’t access the F1-F5 menus. This calculator is on firmware version 2.43, so I believe it’s not firmware related. It has some applications installed from the time that my dad used this calculator in college, however I doubt that any of them would interfere with my ability to access the F1-F5 menus.

I made a quick video to go along with this just in case if my question doesn’t make sense.

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Update: I just reset my entire memory on my calculator and I'm still not able to access the menus.


I have done both resets and cannot access the F1-F5 either.


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So apparently the issue is my OS, according to this Reddit post (archive for posterity).

My calculator is on 2.43 whereas the version that utilizes the function keys is 2.53+.

Kind of weird that they’ll manufacture a calculator with keys that don’t work straight out of the box until later versions, but at least I have my answer.

Currently I’m not able to update my calculator, however with a little digging I found out that Desmos’ graphing calculator is able to do logBase stuff (you can find it by bringing up the on-screen keyboard that Desmos provides, clicking on the “Functions” button, and then looking in the misc. tab, the logBase button looks like the log button but with a subscript a next to it). Hopefully this will be useful to those in the future who stumble upon this post. :)

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