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System Launcher in System 9

I've got a customer I just can't get to move to system ten. He wants his launcher on the desktop on start up. I've put an alias in the (System Folder - start up items) but that doesn't bring it up. I work on system 9 so seldom now that I've forgotten how to do it. Does anyone have a better memory than mine?


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Hi there: To have your launcher show up after boot up: Go under your Apple to Control Panel and over to General Controls. At top of that window it has a button to click that says " Show Launcher at System Startup". Click that button and there you go. This is on System 9.2.2


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There should be an extension in the extensions folder that launches the Launcher during start up. Make sure that extension is checked so it starts. Once its there you can add start up items to the folder and you are golden. At least that's how I remember it. Oldies and goodies again. Ralph

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Glad you were on, I was hoping you would be. Control panels - extension manager shows it on. It can be accessed via Apple - control panels - launcher. I have an alias of the extension in the start up items but it doesn't come up on the desk top.


Did you rebuild the desktop? Is it turned on in the control strip? Ralph


Another thought--open the launcher and add a program to be started. While there see if there are any preferences to set. This really has me scratching my head--its been so long since I played with this. Ralph


Have you had any success with this? Ralph


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