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Released October 26, 2018. Models A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM, nano-SIM or dual-SIM / 64, 128, or 256 GB / Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, or Red. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 R.")

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How to remove iPhone XR motherboard bottom shield?

Hello, I am trying to remove the bottom shield of an iPhone XR motherboard to replace U3300, however I have noticed that it is a lot harder to get off than other shields. By “bottom shield” I mean the shield under the battery connector. I tried 480c of heat, which is the maximum my hot air will go to, however it did not come loose. Maybe I need to heat it for longer? I am just concerned that I may damage or heat the motherboard too much. Thank you so much for your help

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These shields are not the easiest to remove as they hold a fair bit of ground plain. I use full heat and air flow with a large or no nozzle. The shield you are talking about should come off when the hot air temp reaches around 400 degrees.

All hot air stations are different; the temperature displayed may not be accurate due to the age of the machine or its make.

You are right thinking that exposed heat might damage the motherboard. The other method you can use is to cut it off. I see a few that come in with prior repair attempts which have had the shield removed this way.

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Have you checked out the teardown?

iPhone XR Teardown

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Yes, however unfortunately it didn’t say much about how to remove the shield, although was really descriptive on the chips underneath them. Thank you for your answer though!


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