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home button works only half the time

after i replaced the display on an iphone 7 the home button works only half the time. the other half it only clicks if i put a lot of force into it (like my elbow) touch id works 100% of the time

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You will need to rule out the screen as the home button flex may be damaged. But from what you are describing could be a faulty turtle IC which is on the home button assembly and one of its jobs is to detect pressure on the home button.

If you have nudged the turtle IC while transferring the home button this could be the cause and would be a costly repair with no guarantees.

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would i just have to replace the whole device if i wanted full function of the home button


@lockasiam If another screen replacement doesn’t resolve the issue and you still require touch ID you will need to send it to a reputable repairer who will replace the Turtle IC or to an Apple store where they would replace the screen and home button.

You have to remember that the home button is married to the CPU of the phone and cannot be replaced without a programming machine that only Apple has access to.

There are universal home buttons you can purchase; they offer everything but the touch ID.


do you think i could try to reflow it or


@lockasiam You can try. Make sure you clean any glue that is on or around it first and don’t use too much heat or you will damage the flex. There are home button holders with preheaters on the market if you wish to try one of those.


okay thank you for helping


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