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I can't delete the old greeting for my store

I have recently purchased a store with this phone system. I have recorded a new greeting for line 1 and it is saved in the machine. However, when I call my store, it still plays the OLD greeting, which is not saved anywhere in my system. I can’t delete the old greeting. It’s like a ghost in the machine? So bizarre.

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Hi @dayvidday ,

Please verify the make and model number of the phone as according to the user manual a Uniden D1760-2 doesn't have an answer machine feature?

Have you checked your Voicemail settings for the phone number?


OIC. Hmm... let me get to the TL88102/TL88102BK/TL88202

DECT 6.0 2-line cordless telephone/answering system thread...


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Hi @dayvidday ,

Here’s the user manual for the phone system.

Go to p.60 to view the procedure to record a new announcement message for both line 1 and line 2

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I did this and made sure the selection was for the new message but it only plays the inbuilt message. There are a few other things that do not work as advertised.



Please verify the model number of your phone?

Not all makes of DECT 6.0 phones have the same menus. DECT 6.0 is just the communications signalling protocol that they're using.


Jayeff, thanks for a rapid response. I am playing with the mother-in-law"s unit today. I did a lot of reading on the forum and I think the voicemail system may have been taking the call before the unit had a chance to come into action. I do think the operating manual needs some additions to explain some possible problems. Maybe their cop-out is the call the help line, which is possibly better than trying to explain every situation.



You still should be able to alter/delete the phone's answer machine answering message.

Whether or not a caller gets to hear it may be a different problem

If it is the voicemail message then if voicemail hasn't be activated it should be the provider's stock message.

Once the voice mail is activated you can change the message and also select the time it allows to ring before it answers it although disabling/canceling voicemail may be the better option as then there won't be two possible places for a message to be stored.


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