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What capacitor is this?

Hello guys,

I have a problem with the ipad mini 4 that is not booting up.

I already found a short and desoldered the capacitor and now there are no shorts anymore on the board but now i dont know with what i have to replace it. Maybe you guys can give me a direction.

I marked the capacitor with a white square.

Phone board info: Pin name 560-2

Net name 49

hope you guys can help me!

Block Image

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could you please take a real photo of this area of the board with the element marked? I will probably be able to help and answer your question.


Usually these are filter capacitors for the power supply in the phone. If you can measure what size capacitor would fit (perhaps there is a similar size cap somewhere else on the board), you could try to check what the maximum capacitance is available in that size, with a voltage rating of 10V, to be conservative. A capacitor of size 0603, for example, is 60 thousandth of an inch long and 30 thousandth on an inch wide. Check for any height restrictions on your phone, but most ceramic caps should not be too high.


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The software does not say whatine this cap is on, but judging by how many other things it is connected to, it seems like a power line.

Most power lines have a high numbers of caps on them. From experience, you could say that some of those are redondant.

If you short is gone, and you only removed that one cap, odds are that the device will work just fine without it.

I would simply function test the device at this point.

You may cause more harm then good by guessing what cap to put there, or even cause overfilled, or underfilled components to reflow when applying heat to solder the replacement cap which would causr you more problems.

I hope this helps

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