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Electronic doll produced by Wicked Cool Toys in 2017. The bear is able to move its LED eyes and mouth to ‘read’ stories to children.

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1985 Teddy loose spring?

I bought a replacement pinch roller for my metal tape player Teddy, and as I was replacing it a copper spring fell out… I don’t know where it came from or how to put it back, but I’m assuming it’s important as I’m unable to close the cassette door now without it. Please help!

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I have two Second generation Teddy Ruxpins that I fixed, I think I may help. The teddy you have is a first Generation, I can tell, also the toy might have fallen,thus why the copper spring fell out so easily, I’m assuming the old pinch roller had dents and glad you were able to find a replacement pinch roller. If there is any corrosion clean it, massage teddy’s eyes, and move his lower jaw. If the upper jaw/snout is not moving, as you open and close the bottom jaw, that means that the spring that connects the two has fallen, easy fix. I highly recommend checking out this 7 video playlist, it shows how to fix the model you have and how to fix the playback spring:

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