Same Question; different year Where the __ can I get washer that fits

Sodastream; like the idea and hate the fact that i’ve spent a couple of years looking for what you’d think is or must be an easy washer to obtain. The washer that needs changed frequently that holds the carbonater or Co2 gas container up in the back of the unit and i found one guy on line and was fine and went back to mail again a second time and he’d sent washers that was just a little too big this time around. And Amazon wasn’t useful in this regard (nope)! And neither is the manufacturer or the current manufacturer who ever took over the business/company/corp. It’s not a friendly outfit that you’d think by giving out information of the exact washer size, the correct fitting one little neurphrene o ring that that’s giving away State’s secrets. Oh we wouldn’t want to make it too easy for you to replace that little washer on the Source Sodastream, maybe he will just finally lose his cool and throw it away and never buy another one after all, maybe that’s more like it.

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