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The Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR laptop was released in 2016.

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Optical drive bay HD caddy cable?


I have a 110-15IBR that came with an HD/SSD caddy instead of an optical drive…

If i want to add a second drive, it would require a cable/adaptor to either connect the drive to the existing DVD/CD connection point, or replace it? Any idea on where to get one of these?

Alternatively, i could put a DVD/CD drive in there but i assume it would then require some sort of hatch/door to replace the current caddy… again, any thoughts on that option?

Many thanks, John

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Hello John Lang! If your laptop came with a caddy, then all you will need to do is slide a 2.5” HDD or SSD into it and slide the caddy back into the laptop. You should not need any extra cables or connectors. If you wanted to replace the caddy with an actual CD or DVD drive, you will most likely need to get a specific drive for use with your laptop otherwise the drive may not fit properly or not look correct compared to the rest of your computer. You would also need to install extra software and drivers for the CD or DVD drive to work properly. On top of that, CDs and DVDs are becoming increasingly less common and hold much less data than a traditional hard drive or SSD. My recommendation would be to install a spacious HDD drive to store documents and data that you do not want cluttering up your laptop’s main drive. You will be able to use an HDD or SSD just like an external drive that is connected to your computer after it has been formatted correctly. If you need faster data transfer speeds, a SSD will be a better option as it offers much faster performance compared to a HDD. However, SSDs are usually offered in much less capacity than a traditional HDD, and they are also much more expensive than a HDD. I hope this has answered your question and fixed any of your problems.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the response... But, no... if i put a drive into the caddy then there's about 6mm or so from the SATA connection on the drive and the rear of the caddy... there's also a plastic barrier between the SATA connector of the drive and the DVD/CD connector inside the laptop... and the two connectors have completely different pin arrangements. There is an opening off to one side of the caddy rear that looks like it is designed to pass a cable from the drive into the laptop internal area...

My thinking was to put a high capacity HDD (i have a few 2.5 1TB spare dives, that line up with the pins/screw points of the caddy)...

I have already replaced the main drive with an SSD.

Cheers, John


@John Lang This is a different type of caddy that does not have an adapter built in. If you want to use the caddy that came with your computer, you will need an adapter cable to convert a regular SATA connection to a SATA Slimline connection. As for the extra space at the bottom of the caddy, that seems to be normal. If you have any pictures so that I can diagnose the problem further, then post those here.


@John Lang Alternatively, you could get a new drive caddy altogether for about $6 witch will allow you to plug the HDD in without any extra cables or connectors. You can also transfer the face plate of your current caddy over so it looks the same. You just need to measure the hight of your current drive caddy and buy a correctly sized replacement. 9.5 millimeters in hight is generally what most caddies are, but yours could be 7.5 millimeters in hight instead.


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