My keyboard stopped working randomly. MacBook Pro mid-2017 nTB model

MacBook Pro mid-2017 nTB model (A1708) running macOS Big Sur 11.4; Display started showing stage light effect at the bottom around beginning of April, battery replaced with third party unit from Amazon in May beginning. In the beginning of June, display gives away to Flexgate issue (stage lighting + backlight turning off when display is opened past a certain angle like 45-50 degrees). June mid, display backlight completely fails, does not light up at any angle. And since the last few days, keyboard is unresponsive except for the power button, trackpad works fine though. Never been subjected to any kind of physical damage or liquid spills, and no software issues as far as I know. Is this computer even revivable without wasting like $800-$900? What can I do to fix these issues?

PS: I already tried the SMC reset & PRAM reset, etc, to help with the keyboard issue, but nothing worked. I’ve heard about a swollen battery causing issues to keyboard and trackpad, but this battery is so new and has been working perfectly and doesn’t heat up and holds charge as usual, so I don’t think that’s what’s causing the issue.

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