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Not displaying correctly after replacing digitiser

Hi. I have replaced digitiser, and before securing screws and sticking down I switched on to test. All seemed to be working perfectly so I went ahead, but after securing I had a problem with screen. I had a line across middle where everything above was perfectly positioned, but everything below was slightly too high. This meant I had party of notification bar repeated on bottom and Several rows of image missing in middle.

I opened up again to check everything connected properly, but have caused more problems. Image is repeated and jumping up and down screen, now cannot get past home screen. I think I may have neglected to disconnect battery the second time around and am now concerned I have damaged LCD.

What is the most likely cause of this?


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While it is hard to say the exact issue without seeing a picture of the problem, based on past experience I would be inclined to believe that the LCD was slightly cracked or damaged during the repair. You will likely need to replace it.

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Thanks for your time in replying Ben. I have edited to include video, but doesn't seem to be showing.

Do you think the first issue was LCD, or could that be a faulty digitiser? I am wondering whether to order an LCD panel with another digitiser, or just the panel?


@mclarenchris Based on the videos you uploaded I would expect that the digitizer should be fine, problem likely lies with the LCD. I would start with that and if it solves the problem, then you won't have spent unneeded money on parts.


Thanks Ben, appreciate the advice ?.


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