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Released in 2008. Will have model number KDL-52W4100 the bottom right corner on the front.

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intermittent horizontal lines on bottom quarter of screen

Sony KDL55W65: Getting intermittent horizontal lines on bottom quarter of screen. 2 seconds of lines, then 2 seconds of normal. Maybe a loose connection? Repairable?

This is a Sony KDL55W65. I chose Sony KDL-52W4100 because it was the closest option.

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loose connection possible. But a loose connection would not repeat an on/off cycle 2 on/ 2 off………..

each section of the screen is driven separately. It sounds like the circuitry for that section has a problem.

It is probably fixable by replacing the driver board for that section (though the board may include all sections). You need to look at whether it is worth the part and time/effort. The part might be used (cheaper) and the rest of the TV my have a smoldering problem (bad capacitors). There is no warranty on anything. New TV will have some kind of warranty.

There may be a Sony specific community forum that will have the exact problem and more info.

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This is helpful - thank you very much, Bill


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