Xbox 360 E no power

I have an xbox 360 e that will not turn on, i have measured the voltage at the power input and have tested it with multiple power supplies, i then noticed that there is no power at any of the usb ports despite there being 5v at the input and on the board, please help!

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I would recommend looking at the caps and see if any are bulging and bad. You may have to work your way backwards from the usb to the power supply and see where power is stopping.


il have a look at the capacitors and try and trace back to the power supply from the usb ports, thanks for the help!


I Had a look at the capacitors and saw no bugling ones, i traced the usb 5v rail back to a mosfet that i tested and was not functional, i happened to have a compatible part on hand and replaced it. this restored the usb power, but it still does not turn on. i then noticed that all the capacitors surrounding the CPU are shorted and there is no power across them, any advice?


@austin65 If they are shorted, then you can resolder them to get rid of the bridging. But if they are bad then replacing them would be best. Also trace them to see where they are getting power from.


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