Microsoft firmware update failure caused touch input to stop working

Looking to see if I can get any help from here, as Microsoft has been incredibly unhelpful. Here’s some background about the problem.

I have a Surface Pro (5th gen, model 1796) which has worked perfectly for years until a Surface firmware update ( a few months ago, and after said update all pen and touch functionality ceased to work. After peering in device manager, it says that the Surface ME “device cannot start. (Code 10)” After some research, I found that an out of warranty replacement program was started a few years ago for Pro 4s with this exact issue, as once the firmware failed to apply, the Management Engine device had to be replaced. But since this is a Pro 5, Microsoft is telling me this has to be a hardware problem and I have to pay $450 USD to get a refurbished replacement out of warranty, which I’m not willing to do. If anyone’s interested, here’s the Microsoft Community post I made. It has the firmware information and my angry rant.

I’ve done a total reset, ran Surface Diagnostic tool, even did a Surface Recovery Image, reinstalled drivers, no dice. Touch does not work in UEFI either.

So, the question here— what are my options? Anyone with Microsoft device experience or knowledge of software options that could help would be appreciated. However, if anyone knows if this component is something that can be replaced for less that $450, that’d be fantastic too, though I’m pretty sure its attached to the motherboard.

TD;DR: Surface firmware broke touch functionality on SP 1796, Microsoft wants $450 to replace a device they broke, and I’m looking for other options.

Block Image

06/02/2021 Update: Microsoft told me no dice whatsoever, and said I could recycle the device for a credit towards a new Surface, which is only $110 USD and that’s just wasteful. Still looking for answers.

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