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Where is the GSM (cellular) antenna located in the XS Max

Everywhere I search on google and youtube it doesn’t specifically identify the GSM cell antenna in the XS Max. From what I have read there are (3) possible flex cable/antenna’s. Two connect to the logic board at the very top next to the camera’s, they identify one as the WIFI antenna and the other as either the bluetooth or cellular antenna? One antenna (the WIFI I believe) is laid out across the rear case, the other one (cell or bluetooth) wraps around the camera’s. Each are connected to the case at different points via screws.

The third connects to the logic board below the battery and above the bottom touchscreen/display connector. This flex cable then routes towards the bottom of the phone and sits close to the lightning port / bottom microphone flex cable.

Which one of these three specifically works for cell service?

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The things there is no longer a standalone antenna just for one technology, all the antennas handle multiple technologies and sometimes all at the same time.

There are at least 4 cellular antennas on the Xs Max, as it supports 4x4 mimo downlink. The top and bottom ends of the rear case each contains 2 antennas for cellular, some of them are also shared with 2x2 mimo Wi-Fi 2.4G and 5G bands, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC.

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