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The Dell Latitude E6410 is a 14" laptop released by Dell.

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Vertical lines in display.

The laptop just started having vertical lines in the display. I can connect it to an external monitor and that display works fine. I changed the cable from the motherboard to the LCD but did no help any. Here are a couple of pictures of the display.

Block Image

Block Image

Any other idea what could cause this. I did not want to change the LCD until I was sure that was what it is.

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Hey Brent,

Did it happen to get physically hit with anything, or dropped? Other than replacing the LCD Screen itself you could try a few things.

-You can try updating your graphic driver.

-Make sure you are on the native resolution.

-You can try the built in troubleshooter, but we all know how that usually goes.

A couple questions:

Do the lines appear in the BIOS? Or only when it is fully booted? If not try a clean boot. This would at least help in determining if the screen is junk.

If you apply slight pressure to the screen do the colors change? If so that is usualy a good sign it is the screen itself.

Hope this helps.

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The device was not dropped or damaged in any way, the customer took it to another repair shop and they told him that they changed the cable and the screen and it did not fix the issue. After I opened the device up it appears that the cable was not changed, so to make sure I did change it out to a new one. This still did not happen. Due to the built in trouble shooter the cable was the issue.

Yes it happens before BIOS and continues on forward. I have updated all the drivers that can be updated. Applying pressure does not change the colors just smears the colors like any other screen does.


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