replacing battery for Sony DVP-FX980

I have been able to open the portable disk player but can’t find replacement battery for Li-ion Battery Pack FY12-2S1P, DC 7.2V/1900mAh/14Wh. Looked at battery shops, ebay, online sources. Any advice?

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got any pictures of the old battery?


@logixal I have a photo but haven't quite figured out how to attach it here.


@Shirley Winslow you should be able to edit your answer and then click the little landscape button and then press the upload media button.


I keep trying…if not successful, at least I can give you dimensions; 5.25 long, .75 diameter cylinder. Looks just like the one in the image of the unit that gives directions for removing the cover.

I got the image into media manager but can’t get it here. Perhaps it’s too large a jpg? I tried resizing and copy/paste, tried adding to media and uploading, nothing has worked for me.


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