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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. An upgrade of the first generation Surface Book with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 2GB GPU and 16 hours 30% more battery life, released in October 2016. Model number 1705.

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Battery replacement Compatiblity for MS Surface w/performance base

Looking to purchase battery for my Surface. The info I have calls it “Surface Book - 512GB i7 with Performance Base” It is a 15” version of the Surface. It was probably purchased 2017 or 2018. I don’t see anything matching the Model number 1705 reflected on the part that came up. Also, I’m replacing this battery because it is swelling and causing the case to open. Does this part come with replacement instructions or links to a video? Thanks!

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Hi @surfersomers,

Please be extra careful using your Surface with the swollen battery. Using a device with a swollen battery is quite dangerous- it can be a serious fire hazard. If your battery is swollen, you shouldn't continue to charge or use the device. Check out this wiki to keep yourself safe!

We carry a battery for the 1705 model (you can see the listing here) so that you can replace your swollen battery as long as it’s compatible with your model. You can find your model number by following the steps listed by Microsoft.

Best of luck!

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Surface Book with Performance Base Tablet Battery


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Thanks for the warning. I'm actually trying to figure out if this part will fit the laptop. The link and Microsoft's answers aren't helpful, as I can't find anything that says 1705 model - using their methods.

I contacted Microsoft and they offered to replace the laptop with a refurbished unit for $600. Given the specs on the unit, that probably isn't a bad deal, but I would rather see if a new battery would get me going again. They claimed that it wouldn't just be a battery and that additional parts would be necessary, but I didn't take the matter any further with them as of yet.


Aw, shoot. I'm sorry about that!

Have you tried searching your serial number? I think it should be on the bottom edge of the clipboard where it attaches to the keyboard.


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