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Repair guides and support for M1 24" iMacs by Apple, introduced in April 2021. Model: A2438.

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Is it possible to add manually more memory to this iMac?

Adding memory manually! Is that possible?

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Here’s an image of internals

Block Image

Both the RAM and Flash SSD are high density BGA chips and as the board is so dense it is impossible to alter it without damage! It would also cost more than buying a new system!

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It’s somewhat possible as long as Apple didn’t write down the memory configuration encrypted.

However you’ll be dealing with package-level soldering rework, which is a whole new game, even more difficult than previous versions where RAM chips are soldered onto the logic board.

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While it would be technically possible to crack the SoC open and replace both memory chips, you would yet have to find such dense LP-DDR4X memory chips that with only 2 chips you could get 32 GB. Apple apparently wasn’t able to in the schedule they gave themselves for M1 production.


@mischasprecher - Its a bit more complicated than that. The SoC is a very dense BGA frame which the RAM chips are then soldered onto. You are not likely going to de solder and then resolder these cleanly with the proper gear and deeper skills. I doubt the success rate will be worth the cost and risks.


Thats true, I know. I have just seen crazy things from rep techs around the world. These DDR4 are still BGA outlines, though. But it certainly requires a decent amount of tools to do that and contrary to other semiconductors you can't just buy a new M1 if you fry it :)


No, according to Apple the M1 “unified” memory architecture requires that RAM be installed at the factory. No later upgrades are possible.


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Maby you could try a external thunderbolt

Ssd drive with macOS installed

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@hellomacos - RAM and Storage are different!



Thanks for letting me know I thought they were asking for the storage :)


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