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Model A1842. Released September 2017, the revision to Apple's 4th generation set-top-box featuring an A10X Fusion processor and 3 GB of RAM.

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Advice on offbeat use for AppleTV 4K (A1842)

Hello, hope everyone is staying safe & keeping well!

As the title suggests, I have an offbeat & very specific use for a spare ATV4K I have.

I'm intending to strip all the innards & just keep the logic board & power it with a TalentCell 12v Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

I'm wondering if this is possible since the ATV4K A1842 model draws 12v @ 1.083A.

I'm planning to use this for a portable AirPlay unit to display my PowerPoint presentations remotely in 1080p resolution (or less) TV sets. I will also be using it to mirror my iPhone's video when I fly my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone.

My iPhone & modded ATV4K w/battery pack will always be close together for Peer-to-Peer adhoc connections using AirPlay.

Any confirmation or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I do think this is a reach! The space the power supply takes is not really large enough for the needed power pack. Besides you would still need the cooling fan.

I think its would a lot less work to mod the system so it can be powered via DC, then just have the pack external to the unit.

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Hi Dan,

Actually, it’s more for my intended use when flying my drone out in the field. If I can do with just the logic board, that would save me a lot of weight when I’m in the field with a client. I plan on heatshrink wrapping it (for protection) and sodering a 2.1mm female power jack, which I can then plug in my 12v battery/powerbank. This entire contraption would be packed safely in a fanny pack. The only thing exposed would be the cable going to my Epson Moverio BT-40 Smart Glasses which I would have the client wear, so he/she can view what the drone’s camera is seeing via Peer-to-Peer adhoc AirPlay.

As far as heat, my Moverio smartglasses only output a maximum resolution of 1080p @ 60Hz, which won’t be taxing the ATV4K’s processor, so I don’t think it would heat up much, but maybe I’m wrong. I could attach a slim passive heatsink then heatshrink wrap.


@gpaint - The heat is from the Apple TV unit and its processing load.

I would setup an air cell with some thermal couplers so you can monitor the Apple TV unit factory sealed. You'er trying to measure the BTU's as well as the fans CFM values because winging it is not very safe here given you have this all in a fanny pack.


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