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A versão somente wi-fi do Air iPad, da Apple, modelo número A1474. Disponível nas cores cinza espacial ou prata, conta com o processador A7 personalizado, com configuração de armazenamento de 16, 32, 64, e 128GB.

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Device not charging when off, but charges when completely off

So my iPad Air doesn’t charge at all when it’s on, and when I plug it into my computer, it shows the USB not recognized or malfunctioned. I’ve tried it on another computer, used different genuine lightning cables, same result.

However, when shutting off the iPad, it apparently starts to charge (according to the readings (Volts and Amps) on the Battery Activation board. I have updated it to the latest iOS but nothing has changed. So to summarize, it does not charge when the iPad is on, but does charge when completely off. What would be the problem in this instance? Thanks!

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If you used a particularly cheap cable from Amazon, eBay, Wish, AliExpress, or any other retailer that sells cheap cables, you might have damaged TriStar. What happens when you flip the cable’s orientation around? Does the same issue happen? For context, TriStar is a USB validating chip. Apple designed that chip to detect whether or not the accessories you’re connecting are certified, even from aftermarket manufacturers. The reason being is apple designed a special circuit board that is attached to the lightning connector that talks to TriStar. On this proprietary circuit board there’s built in surge protection. Apple sells this circuit board to third party manufacturers and cheap accessory manufacturers don’t have proper surge protection which results in damage to TriStar and can lead to the issue you’re experiencing. There’s a tool you can buy to test it yourself but they’re around $150 or call around your local repair shops and see if they have a TriStar tester.

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