Not Receiving Anything from Battery and Mac shuts off unplugged

I have this Macbook Pro that I got off a friend and I was trying to re-sell, however, it dies the instant it is unplugged from the DC In.

I have tested the Mac with two separate batteries and the same thing happens. I have rested the SMC and PRAM and pretty sure that is not the problem.

The mac still registers that there is a battery connected and it charges it as well so I assume there is an issue in the logic board somewhere.

When looking through it, I found a little corrosion (I will mark where on the picture below) and I also had some sparks when measuring the voltage on a device.

I am an engineering student so I’m hoping to be able to fix it myself if possible and I have access to everything in my ECE labs.

Block Image

So in this picture, the blue circle is where I found the corrosion, and the arrow points to the component that I was testing that sparked. I’m not sure what component it is, but when I measure the voltage going through it, there is a difference in the voltage drop when the battery is connected vs the DC power supply.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Update: So I found the schematic and found that it be a 10 omh resistor that I’m going to try to replace

FINAL UPDATE: I ordered a resistor from Mouser for a 10 ohm, .25W, 5% tolerance and soldered it onto the board at that spot and the battery now functions properly. Hopefully, this helps someone at some point in the future if they have anything similar. I will try to link the schematic and board view here somewhere.

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