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Replacement XS Max screen won’t fit. Why?

I’ve an iPhone XS Max with a busted screen. I ordered a replacement but the screen won’t fit. It has these little tabs sticking out all down right hand side but existing screen doesn’t so there’s nowhere for these tabs to slot into.

Can anyone tell me why or how to get around this please?


Block Image

Block Image

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Your tabs are stuck in the phone, you have only lift up setje front of the screen and the metal frame of the screen is still inside the iPhone. You first got to get them out before you can instal your new screen.

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You’re absolutely right! Problem solved and new screen installed. Thankyou ??


How do you take the tabs out?


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have you ever had your screen replaced by a shop or anything?

in the guides ive seen all the replacement screens have the tabs… thats how it holds to the body of the phone.

iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement

follow that guide and see if you can get it reattached that way.

Update (03/31/2021)

heres a few more tips for getting this thing reattached

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No never had screen changed. Bought phone from cash converters when it was 6 months old. It was in new condition.

It’s really odd that the replacement screens won’t fit. I’ve run the serial number through Apple and it all checks out ok so I’m baffled?


@dragon2273 only thing i can really suggest is either the phone is a REALLY good counterfeit OR there is something jammed in some of the slots where the "pins" on the screen would fit? maybe use a magnifying glass and check to see if theres gunk or something in there?


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