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Repair and disassembly guides for Toshiba DVD players.

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Why won’t it turn on?

Block Image

Block Image

I got this DVD player at a garage sale it’s never been opened but it won’t turn on. It’s a DR430KU

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We are looking at a device that is likely over 10 years old. Depending on how open you are to poking around inside of the thing you could open it up and check on signs of degraded capacitors. Also is the power supply internal or external? If the power cable includes a large brick in-line then the PSU is external and finding a replacement cord should be your first route.


I think the power supply is internal being that I can not disconnect the cord. I am willing to open it up what should I be looking for?@bybeebuilds


@Dbour Okay yes the PSU is likely internal. If it is getting no power whatsoever I'm guessing we're looking for faulty capacitors or power supply. Generally capacitors used on consumer PCB's have an AVERAGE lifespan of about 6 years under normal operation and I am finding forum posts regarding this model of dvd players from 2010. You're looking for capacitors that are not flushly mounted, leaking fluid, swelled up etc. If you spot none, try and find the power supply in there and try and see if there's anything similar going on inside of there but make sure it is unplugged and still DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THE CAPACITORS with your bare hands, use a plastic tool if you need to make contact with something. I've linked what seems to be a helpful guide in spotting these.


I don’t see any that could be bad but I’m not entirely sure. Is it worth having it fixed or looked at because I don’t know what I’m doing?@bybeebuilds


@Dbour It really depends on what it would cost to have it looked at and repaired vs just buying a new player and recycling that old one; theres some fairly cheap and probably more advanced stuff out there on the market. However feel free to post some images here including as much of the main board as you can, from different angles.


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If it is in a garage i don’t think will turn on. Maybe someone thrown it because it’s faulty. Still you can check some below points:

  • Open cover of your Toshiba DVD player.
  • Clean dust and check carefully any spark mark or cuts. If there is a spark mark like a short circuit(black mark), it won’t turn on. You have to replace that burned parts.
  • Check cable wire with ammeter may be its damage.
  • Check power supply unit of the DVD player.

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