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List of screen(s) that fit on X MacBook system?


Mostly a windows machine expert here, so i need some help with MacBooks. We have a IT shop and occasionally have to find new screens (with cover) for customers MacBook systems.

Is there a list on the web, that shows what screens fit “X” models? I mean, many of the Macbook Airs screen look like each other, but im not certain what fits what.

Like this case we have now - MacBook Air A1398, needs a new screen assembly (is it called clamshell) ?

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Lets start with the parts name Display Assembly and in some cases the discreet LCD Panel can be replaced in the older MacBook systems.

There is no parts listing which is exclusive of the different display assemblies or if a discreet LCD panel is available. The best you’ll find is a major parts recycler which makes the effort to properly document their web page.

I do encourage you to review the many replacement guides iFixit offers as an example to fix your 13” MacBook Air MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 Display Assembly Replacement Often iFixit offers parts, in the cases they don’t I often use 13” MacBook Air Complete Display Assembly, Apple P/N 661-6630 Older systems like this one is a bit tricky! As so many people are hanging onto their systems recycled parts are getting hard to find and the original replacements have pretty much dried up!

As it turns out in this series it was possible to get a raw LCD panel to replace it alone [|MacBook Air 13" LCD Panel (LTH133BT01-A03) as the parts source Samsung in this case also supplied other laptop makers the same panel. Sadly, even Samsung has stopped producing it.

The last option is locating a broken system which you can parts out. This is always a gamble! Some folks have also done this as a business on Amazon and eBay, we call these folk parts jobbers. Some are good standing by their parts others not! So its the most risky way but often times the cheapest way.

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