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Why does my ps3 randomly beep 3 times and shuts off when I play BO2?

Ok my step son found out about mod menus and all that on black ops 2 so he started watching the videos to run mods for zombies. Everything was fine but then my ps3 only while playing black ops 2 will beep 3 times and shut off randomly. Doesn't do it when I play black ops 1 and I play that more then anything. Everyday I'm online playing. But only when I play black ops 2 it will randomly just shut off. Why?

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Being a newer game, It’s probably a more intense, high cpu usage, and several internal components running high all resulting to an overheat. Depending on what year you got you your PS3, the older models are prone to crash sooner and all together break down. I’m glad for you that it still turns on after this happens. Take some precautions to carefully internally clean any dust and replace any thermal paste on necessary parts where it’s in use. Hopefully you can find a good connection for someone reball any parts causing this issue so that it will play like when you first got it with no issues.

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