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siare 4000 service manual

we had a problem about the flow sensor of siare 4000 if we calibrate the calibration result was failed and we notice that there's rust in the sensor any solution to this problem. we hope that you can help us.thank you

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I want siare 4000 service manual


@abobaker, you can use the link in my answer for a digital copy.


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Hi @armelynhuldong,

After some digging online I managed to find an English copy of the service manual (link) for the Siaretron 4000. It has a section on calibration, and the references to what information is relevant to the flow valve calibration can be found on page 77.

The manual doesn’t have a section on damages via rust, and the section on replacement parents only offers the typical “only use OEM parts”. Additionally

If the rust has only damaged the support brackets for the sensors, you might be okay. However, if the sensors themselves or any connections between them and the other boards have been damaged then that could be the cause of the issue. If the problems are due to rust damage, then you may have to find replacement parts or go to an authorised service technician (as much as I hate to say this, there isn’t any detail on how to source parts from their website so it might be pretty locked down).

I hope this helps.

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I'm looking for Siaretron 4000 service manual copy. Do you matter share witm me?

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