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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Which spare parts store would you recommend?

I’m going to throw in. the towel and just reach out to some spare parts stores for items I need. For instance, as @danj said, see about getting a already fixed mac mini a1283 logic board; a drive for a powerbook g5; memory for an imac g5. Then mac pro parts for my upgrade. So where is a reputable parts dealer BESIDES Ebay ?

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@capwalker666, you might want to let people know your country of residence (and maybe state) so that they can narrow down recommended vendors for you.


@dunc grazie! North Carolina, USA. I was able to buy a 3.0 Mac Pro today. $35. But no DDR memory and someone stepped on my leg rushing. to get in. I've decided it's nice but not necessary to suffer physically for lower prices. So I want to replace my Mac Mini system board I bungled, upgrade the Pro and finish my network.

Mac Parts has the logic board for $80 but no retings so I wasn't sure...


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Sadly, this models parts are just hard to come by as well as costly as its so old. MacPartsOnline is one of the few that offers a logic board.

Frankly, I would just locate a used system on line as it will be cheaper.

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Hi there friend! I'm looking at both options.

- would you trust a system board for $95 ? That's what I'm finding and it seems to good to be true.

- EBay has plenty of systems for parts under $100, but it's as is

- there's a new service out of Greece of all places, about $95

- between all the options, it's cheapest to go withMacParts and. has a warranty.

It seems you see something. about a new system and just keep the old for parts. Since I respect your decision and am asking your opinion, what is that difference for you ?

FWIW When (not if) the stimulus checks come I'm buying an M1 mini. That'll complete my in house network giving me time for classwork and start up a small little repair/configure/support business.


@capwalker666 - I haven't dug into the Core2Duo mini's in a long time. So I can't tell you which way to go. Look at the logic board specs get the best one you can get Macmini3,1


@danj ah sorry, let me simplify: say there's a known good part for $500 and the similar part of unknown quality for $30, would you be skeptical ? Not being funny, but there are times when a unit is parted out because someone doesn't want to take. time with it. So my question would be, have you seen that these lowball parts sales or repaired parts less than guaranteed are found to be good enough times to try ? Don't want a guarantee, just ballpark. Last time I tried parts purchasing was in the 80s...


Sorry I can't help you here as any part you get will be from another system which was salvaged (recycled). I can't tell you if supplier A is better than Supplier B. Or if the cost has any bearing on the quality of the part. I would be more focused on the suppliers warranty and how long they've been around so you have a good chance to get your money back or exchanged out with another.

But you have a very old system! And parts for it are already hard to come by with the bigger parts houses. So you have no choice throw the dice!


@danj Just got through another run on ebay. There's a company selling boards for $35 + shipping. . I won't mind taking a $35 risk LOL


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