Boot issues after liquid damage

Hi Guys,

Long story but daughter spilled a fruit drink on my macbook, wife didn’t tell me for a week and well one knackered machine :(

Cleaned out replace keyboard since that was iffy, now it seems to start up shut it down and then it dont start up no fans, unplug battery and back in again and it starts up, seems to work when it wants to just re installed os fine, light on cable is orange at the mo, battery charge shows 0. is it just a kanckered battery ??? any advise welcome. i would check battery but my probe has snapped on my metre.

Update (02/21/2021)

Little update im unplugged batter and it works fine by the looks of it off the power cable

Update (02/21/2021)

or is it the magsafe board ?? or both. done the diagnostic and it just picked up the battery since if left it unplugged and it works on my desk but on charge.

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