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A zipper found on clothing and gear to keep everything zipped up!

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I have a Patagonia Jacket (hemp) and the zipper is messed up.

I have the Hemp Canvas Ranch Jacket. I love it. But the zipper refuses to stay closed after several years of use. I zip it up, look down, and the zipper will have opened up below the “pull”. I guess I need to replace the zipper, but I am not worth a hoot with a needle and thread. Where do I get a zipper and is there a special place to do it, or would any seamstress (I don’t know the gender neutral term for that, sorry!) be able to handle it?

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is this a metal zipper? If so you may need to use needle news to close it up a bit pitching from bottom and top it's a slightly to give it more resistance.

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If this is a metal zipper, squeeze it together lightly, from top side to bottom sideand squeeze it to give at least for more resistance it should work.


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