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Released on November 7, 2018, the fourth generation Amazon Kindle Paperwhite came in 8 GB Wi-Fi, 32 GB Wi-Fi and 32 GB Wi-Fi + 4G LTE models. Features a 6-inch plastic-backed display of Amazon's own design with 300 ppi and a flush screen featuring five LED lights.

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screen stuck (image of a battery with!) despite + charge?

When it’s plugged in (with orange light on) overnight, it still stays on this screen. It does not respond to the power button being held down > i see green and orange blinking light and a screen flash, but it returns to the same screen (battery with ! Inside)

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opened the kindle and pulled the battery and replaced it it did take a long time to boot and had to reconnect to wifi.

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Also worth noting is that the battery connector is glued down.


Where did you get the replacement battery?


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