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Why can't I unsubscribe from this "service"?

My question has already been answered. Now I want to unsubscribe, and avoid paying a monthly fee for the rest of my life. I was told that there was a way, but it seems to be as usable as Samsung’s, or worse. Even the “Preview” button doesn’t work.

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What service are you referring to with a monthly fee?


I am getting emails from and I don't want to any longer, but cannot find where to unsubscribe from emails.


I also am unable to unsubscribe??


I am wondering if we go back to the original question we ask to be notified of the answer to and click the button again if that will work? Annoying though. @applegirl704


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Hi @applegirl704

Click here > About tab > Edit > Profile tab and delete your email address.

Also select Preferences tab > select the Never option > Save and exit from the page

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iFixit does not charge any fees except if you order parts or tools from them. The Answers is manned by volunteers and we sure don't get paid

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