Formated the existing HDD into FAT32 but PS3 Super Slim doesn't see it

Hi All,

My PS3 super slim worked but stopped connecting to Wifi so I switched out from my bedroom to the living room and connected to the ethernet. Here is my mistake, I later run an update and got stuck with error 8002F1F9, in loop over and over. So I went online/forum and took the 500GB original HDD out and reformatted it to FAT32.

Here is the issue now: when I turn on the PS3 it turns on and then shuts down. When I removed the HDD then I got the message "The system software cannot be run correctly." If I then re-insert the HDD: nothing happens. If I then shut it down then restart it from that screen with the HDD inserted: it shuts down.

I am not able to enter Safe Mode either, even before reformatting the HDD! It won’t beep 2 and just shut down.

What did I mess up with the formatting? I feel the issue is there… I used Mini tool Formating Wizard. I have created a USB formatted into FAT32 and installed the DOP file into PS3/UPDATE folder but since I cannot enter safe mode or the PS3 just shut down I have not used it.

If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate!!! I am not looking to buy a new or used one right now, more enjoying the games I purchased but never had enough time to play with (until now Ah!).

Thank you :)

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