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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch.

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Can I use the Ifixit Pebble Time guides to repair the Time Steel?

I’ve noticed that their are several repair guides for fixing the Pebble Time but virtually none for the Time Steel. From what I’ve seen the internals look nearly identical. Are the internals similar enough that I can just use the Time guides when repairing a Time Steel?

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Sorry to have discovered and answered this so late, but the answer is yes. They are nearly identical. There is, however, a difference in the battery height dimensions, which you can see in the plastic shim between the two layers of the Steel, yielding its 250mAh capacity. Also, the Time Steel’s screen is bonded to the glass. rather than separate from the frame.

Block Image

Part number for the battery is SP551923AE. Looks like there might be replacements available from AliExpress; maybe not…

Dimensions I measured for the battery were:

19.5mm width

22.5mm height

5.5mm thick

With that in mind, I bought the following Lithium batteries:



Sadly realized the T-shaped pressure pad was nonstandard. Tried soldering to it and messed up. Ended up just buying a PTS with a broken screen on ebay and using its battery. You could also swap in a regular Time’s battery, but just get reduced battery life. Somebody else suggested: there’s a lot of replacement battery on internet. Just search “150mAh P11G7T-01-S01”. Would work with reduced battery life.

Best of luck.

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My watch display is broken

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Hey folks, just tagging into this as it seems to be about battery replacements - the best info I've found is actually on a reddit thread here:, where it talks about batteries that work and a few other bits and bobs that are helpful :)

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