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Mouse only works properly when pressed onto surface

I have a wireless mouse with a USB receiver that has always worked fine until a few days ago when it started acting up. Now it is all jerky and sometimes the cursor moves on its own without me moving the mouse, however, it works fine if I press it into whatever surface it’s on. Unfortunately, I have to press it pretty hard so that’s not a sustainable solution. I tried it on 2 different computers and got the same result so I think the mouse is the problem - is there any way to fix this or do I just need to get a new mouse?

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Are both of the machines you tested with desktop towers? While I haven’t encountered this personally, from what I can find the behavior can be caused by the electronic “noise” of all the parts inside your PC, degrading the quality of the signal from your USB WiFi dongle to your mouse. While it wouldn’t explain the physical pressing down on the mouse seeming to resolve the issue, a USB extender to get the dongle at least a couple inches or more away from the tower itself could help.

If the physical pushing on the mouse is actually making a difference, I would try changing the surface you use the mouse on with a different mouse pad, or adding one if you’re not currently using one. That and I would turn off the mouse to turn off the laser and carefully clean the portion of the mouse underneath where the laser is emitted.

Please let me know how those go.

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