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Repair guides and support for Lenovo's line of consumer-oriented laptops, the IdeaPad series, first announced January 2008.

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~Lenovo ideapad L340-151rh gaming~ my laptop will not turn on.

the power light on the side stays orange while the light on the power button blinks blue. I re-adjusted the battery but nothing. Please help me out someone!

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I have the same problem. My charger has a light on it and when its not plugged to the computer its on, but when i plug the charger in the light turns on and off.


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Have you tried unplugging the power, removing the battery, pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds?

Sometimes a blinking power button means that it's charging the battery. Sometimes blinking lights might even indicate a hardware failure (for instance, a failed battery, or damaged motherboard, or some other issue).

You would have to reference your laptop's user manual for more information on how to interpret these lights.

You can just do some troubleshoot to see if any of these works for you.

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Your laptop may be in sleep mode and needs to “woken up”.

  1. Try turning it on again by hitting the power button.
  2. Press and hold the power button until the computer completely shuts off.
  3. Then try hitting the power button another time to see if it boots normally.

Lenovo has some more suggestions in this short video:

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