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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Late 2012 Mac mini doesn't see 840 Pro SSD after wiping/reformatting

Late 2012 Mac mini (Macmini6,2) system

In `15 I got the iFixit kit to add a second drive SSD to my 1TB HDD. I configured as boot drive/Yosemite and used HDD as storage volume (kept Mavericks on HDD) put SSD in bottom/boot slot.

Worked great til Safari issue led me to reinstall Yosemite which somehow merged both drives into a logical Fusion booting from HDD with endless performance struggles. DU reports find no issues so wiped/reformatted SSD: GUID/Journaled file system as before, but OS Installer still says Yosemite can’t be installed, plus HDD can’t be updated.

I then removed the SSD and wiped/reformatted it on MacBook Air (using a USB/SATA cable) but it still rejects OS Installation.

Put back in the Mac mini but now SSD doesn’t mount/show up at all including Disk Warrior?!

Wiped/reformatted HDD and finally got Mavericks online install & Yosemite from DVD but won’t allow any further updates; El Capitan, High Sierra, etc. SSD still MIA.

How do I wipe/reset Mac mini BIOS/EFI. Same re the HDD & SSD to exorcise demons preventing normal op? How about Terminal command drive utility that will return drives to original status? How does ‘bless’ work can I do it if I have command set & syntax?

Thanks much.

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I'm suspecting you are encountering a certificate issue within the OS installers you are using here. Let’s get fresh ones from here: How to get old versions of macOS. Here’s a bit more on the issue If you've got an old macOS install image, it will probably stop working today

What I would do is setup a bootable USB thumb drive OS installer following the guides here:

I would stick with one OS version and just set it up on the SSD as well as making it the boot drive. Unless you have a reason in sticking with these older versions I would recommend upgrading to Sierra as that is the best macOS for your system I don’t recommend going with High Sierra or higher. Don’t get me wrong I love some of the features of the newer OS’s but APFS kicks you in the pants as its a very chatty file system protocol! SATA based system work much better with the older HFS+ file system which is why you need to stick with Sierra.

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