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Laugh & Learn ABC Train helps babies learn their ABC's

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It’s not the train. It’s puppy sis

Hi. My daughters favorite toy’s the laugh and learn smart stages puppy sis and the heart isn’t working. The ears, hands and feet’s working but not the heart. Contacted the brand and they won’t fix it. I opened the doll and saw that the wires connecting to the heart are cut. Don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone help please?

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In a normal use case, does heart glow or it's just a just a button? Also, can you share a photo of the wires?


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You could strip the wires and re-solder them on the buttons connectors

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So I have 3 of the Sis plushies and a lot of Puppy because I collect them but some don't work


@Smart stages Zyana Out of 3 which ones are broken, and are the battery contacts clean?


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I would ask Fishe Price, the company who made these plushies for some advice one time they asked me did they want me to let them come to my house and fix my plushies but I couldn't but that's my idea

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