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Patagonia outerwear that keeps you warm on brisk days and dry on wet days. Repair difficulty ranges from simple tear patching to more complicated baffle repair.

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How to repair a tear in waterproof pants?


I purchased a pair of women’s Patagonia black waterproof pants a couple of years ago for my daily bike commute to work. I recently started commuting back to work but the bottom cuff area got torn from my bike pedals/spokes and is getting snagged several times throughout my ride. I’ve used duct tape before for previous waterproof pants but would like to patch these more appropriately. The tear is about 3 inches long. Can i just use a regular needle and thread to sew it up? or are there other ways to get this repaired?

Thank you for your help, Lindsey Watts Kinsella

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A needle and thread will technically work, but using a tape will be more effective in keeping the torn area waterproof. Here’s a website on how to repair waterproof clothing. There is repair tape made specifically for situations like this, like Gear Aid Tenacious Repair Tape, and Therm-a-Rest’s home and field repair kits.

Hope this helps!

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