Why is my condenser mic only working sometimes?

I have a MXL USB.008 that seems to be…bipolar lol.

It will work then stop recognizing input (but the computer is still picking it up as an input device), then work again seemingly randomly.

Some more info:

  • Macbook Pro mid-2015
  • MacOS 10.16.4 + Windows 10 Home (Dualbooted; issue is present on both OS)
  • Using a 1 to 4 usb hub (but tried it directly plugged into the macbook’s usb port)
  • Tried uninstalling the drivers and even uninstalling the entire device (Windows)
  • Tried different ports on the usb hub as well.
  • Tried using Audacity to ensure it wasn’t the software (Discord) causing the issue.

Anybody have any ideas on what to do or why this might be occuring?

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