Interconnection of metal parts in a laptop.

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Recently I replaced the display panel of a T490s. The new display fits perfectly and works as expected. Now I realize that this display is slightly thinner (0,4 mm) than the original. Therefore it is possible that the metallic pads on the inside of the back cover do not touch the metal back of display panel. As a result the display is perhaps not properly grounded.

Are there any risks involved? E.g. Is it possible that the electronics of the computer will be damaged by electrostatic discharge?

How important is it that the metal parts of a laptop are interconnected and what are the risks if they are not?

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I found out that the back of the display panel is very likely grounded through the signal cable. Thus, the question remains, why are all the metal parts of a laptop interconnected? Has it to do with signal interference or electrical induction? Who will help me out?


@meijero It could be a ground, or it could just be for structural integrity. My guess is the structural integrity


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